Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Use Pixingo

What are Pixingo Points?
That’s the currency you use in the Pixingo Studio. Anything you create there (cards, canvas wraps, business cards, and posters), you will purchase with your Pixingo Points.
  • One Pixingo Point = $1.
  • You can order as many points as you like at
Will my Pixingo Points expire?
Not if you’re a wholesale club member and you keep your membership current. As long you renew your membership every year, your points are always good.
Do I need an expense fund?
Yes. This is how you’ll mail things. Your expense funds are for postage stamps, shipping and handling, and gift cards. You can get all the expense funds you want at
How do I change the orientation of my card once I have already started the design?
Once you have entered the studio and started creating your card, you cannot change the orientation. But you can easily navigate back to the gallery without saving the card you’re navigating away from. Then choose the orientation you want, choose your template, and create your card the way you like it.
How long before my order ships?
All greeting cards, business cards, posters, and canvas wraps ship out within 3-5 business days.
How do I upload my contacts?
You can add one at a time or follow a few simple steps to add multiple contacts to an existing group or create a new one:
  1. Export your contacts from Word, gmail, outlook, or whatever program you have them in, into an Excel document, and save it as a CSV (comma separated value) file.
  2. Once in CSV format, create the following separate fields: First Name, Last Name, Address 1, Address 2(if applicable), City, State, and Zip.
  3. Click over to your Pixingo dashboard, navigate to your address book, and select Import Addresses.
  4. Select Browse to find the saved CSV file, and click Add Now.
  5. Map the fields by using the dropdown menus at the top (First Name matched with First Name, Last Name with Last Name). You should check the box to Ignore First Row in CSV File so you don't accidentally create a contact named First Name, Last Name.
Watch how easy this is here.
How do I know the picture quality will be right?
The way your preview looks is how your finished card will look. Keep in mind that the preview you see on screen is a low-resolution version of your project so that you can navigate quickly. If you know your photo has a minimum of 150 DPI, don’t worry. If you start with a high-quality photo, you'll end with a final product that meets your expectations.
What’s the minimum DPI for a photo?
You can upload large photo files, no problem. You want a minimum of 150 DPI. If you upload something with a lower resolution than 150 DPI, you may not get the print quality you want. Just be smart about it. If the quality of your photo is questionable, reduce its overall size on the card. Stretching a low-quality photo may result in a grainy image on the final printed product. If you have any questions about how a particular photo may print, contact support before submitting the order so we can discuss options beforehand.
How is the print quality?
The print quality is great because we use the finest printers in the industry, with the highest-quality inks, on heavy 110# cardstock. We guarantee the quality with the PixSoClear™Promise, which means we use only the most vivid inks and high-quality papers, and each item gets a visual inspection.
Tell me about the Premium Paper option?
Premium paper is 110# Pearlescent Cover Stock that comes in an elegant matte finish. Perfect for bulk order announcements, invitations or holiday cards.

Additional cost per card:


  • Small Flat - .30¢
  • Small Folded/Large Flat - .50¢
  • Large Folded - .80¢


  • Small Flat - .50¢
  • Small Folded/Large Flat - .80¢
  • Large Folded - $1.00
Cost is added to your order on the confirmation screen.
Can I crop my pictures how I want them?
Of course. That's the whole point of Pixingo being personal. Once you get the image where you want it in your project, you can just grab it from any side, bring it in, and reposition it. See how easily it’s done here.
How do I create my handwriting font?
If you are a Pixingo Pro, you got two forms in your Business Builder kit because you get two personal fonts. If are a Go Smart wholesale club member, you had a form e-mailed to you that you can print. Just fill it out (see how here), scan it, and e-mail it to, and your font will be loaded into your studio within two business days!
How much does Pixingo charge for shipping?
Not much. In fact, for cards, it's just the price of the stamp! Here's what to expect on anything you order from Pixingo:
    Small postcard (4 x 5.75): $0.35
    Large postcard (5.5 x 8.5): $0.55
    Card in envelope (any size): $0.55
    International cards: $1.15

    Flat Cards: 25 – 500 QTY: $7.95 – $16.95
    Folded Cards: 25 – 500 QTY: $7.95 - $19.95

    $13.95 - $20.95 (depending on the size)

    1-2: $4.95
    3-14: $5.95 – 10.95
    15-21: $14.95

    250: $7.95
    500: $9.95

How much do you charge for your products?
You can find a complete price list here.
What are the specs if I wish to design my own cards and upload them?

    Large Landscape: 5.5 x 8.5
    Large Portrait: 8.5 x 5.5
    (Add .25" bleed - JPG format)

    Small Landscape: 4 x 5.75
    Small Portrait: 5.75 x 4
    (Add .25" bleed - JPG format)


    Large folded card is 11 x 8.5 (Add .25” bleed - JPG format)
    Small folded card is 8 x 5.75 (Add .25” bleed - JPG format)


    2 x 3.5 (Add .25" bleed - JPG format)

Just for Consultants

How do I change my contact information on my profile?
Easy. Click the Edit Profile link on the dashboard of your back office, and go from there.
I just enrolled as a wholesale member, and I'm ready to use my Pixingo Points.
That's not a question, but we're glad you brought it up. You might want to go in to your Pixingo dashboard and check on your points and expense funds. You should have a starter expense fund of $1.00, which you get with your enrollment. You can do what you need at
How often do I get paid my commissions from Pixingo?
How does every week sound? That's how often Builder Bonuses are processed. The weekly commission period begins on Monday at 12 a.m. and ends on Sunday at 11:59 p.m, and the checks on those go out on the Friday after the weekly commission period ends. The monthly team commission are mailed the following month between the 20th and 25th.
Refer to with all the details on how and when you get paid.
Am I getting a check this week?
If you produced more than $5 in commissions, you are. Your earned commission amount must reach that point before a check is generated. Anything under $5 will carry over to the next bonus period. Don't worry, you are getting paid for your efforts, we just "bank" it for you and add it to your next check.
How do I enroll a new Pro?
Woo-hoo! Somebody's goin' Pro! OK, so you have two options. One is to send them to your replicated website and have them click the Go Pro tab. The other is to log in to your Pixingo dashboard, click on the Enroll a Pro button, and follow the prompts.
What's my user name?
Your user name is your ID number that you got when you joined Pixingo. Your password was also set when you enrolled for the first time. If you forget your ID, you can log in using your e-mail address.
I forgot my password.
Oh, don’t worry. Happens all the time. Just click here., and we’ll e-mail you your password.
What is my replicated website?
It's what makes you look cool (and it builds your business). All you do is enter your personal information, add your picture, and the Pixingo site becomes your site. Then, when people visit your site, they see all the official Pixingo stuff. They can order Pixingo Points from there, Go Pro, or do anything they want, and it's all linked to you.