Why we created Pixingo ®

Why we created Pixingo

It's Personal

Pixingo turns technology into real connections.
Life as we know it just changed in a very personal way.

"Liked" but no real connection

You know how you have all these photos on your camera or phone, you share them digitally, then rarely see them again?

Well, imagine all those photos finally coming to life. No more getting lost in a newsfeed.

Pixingo is personal publishing that is very affordably priced and easy to share. It’s the way to make all the fun events in your life last.

Pix go in, pix go out.

Pixingo Changes All of That pixingot changes all of that

assortment of products

Just click what you want to make

Greeting cards, posters, business cards, canvas wraps— whatever! Add a photo or two, personalize it with your own message and design elements (even your own handwriting font), and Pixingo prints it and mails it for you. It’s that simple!

hey... um...how'd you... do that?

“Hey, how’d you do that?”

That’s when people start asking: “Hey, how’d you do that?” and you show them. Some will ask, “Can I do what you do?” and you tell them they can and that they can even make money at it if they want.

pixingo penguin driving truck

Plus, you can “Go Pro”

Pixingo users who decide to go Pro can earn up to 30% on the purchases of their retail customers and 5 to 10% on the wholesale volume generated by the other Pros in their sales organization.

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Pixingo ® Comes Naturally Pixingo Comes Naturally

Earning an income, doing what comes naturally.

Pixingo is the perfect way to earn an exciting income doing what comes naturally: telling people about something great and showing them how to use it.

Pixingo Pros set their own hours, work from home, and earn as much as they want to earn. The Pixingo business is one that anyone can love doing.

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